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As the leading wallet manufacturer in China, we have five professional wallet designers in our factory, 30 new wallets will be released every month. If you have the design, just sent it to us, our experts will give some useful advice, any idea about the wallet, we will try to help you bring it to reality.


Sample Making

After we confirmed the details(material, logo design, etc) of wallet, our sample master will collect the materials and then make the sample in 7 days. We'll take a video for you when the samples are done, and then send the sample to you by international express such as DHL, FeDex, TNT, etc.


Mass Production

After 15 years of development, we have 300 trained staffs, 15,000 square meters of factory, and 20 production lines. Our factory is staffed with 10 product engineers, 20 development experts, and 30 professional salespeople who will ensure that your customized wallet meets all your requirements and delivered on time.


Photo Taking

Some of our clients are selling wallets on their websites or E-platform such as Amazon, eBay, Wish, etc. So we completely understand the importance of good images. We will provide photo taking service if you need them for your business. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we are going to support you in every way!


From the concept of a wallet design, to the prototyping, to the final mass production, we are ready to help you through every step of the way until the final product is prepared for the market. Our factory focused on producing genuine leather wallets and vegan leather wallets. We can customize any wallet you want, helping you achieve your goals and discover Discover the latest market trends. As the leading wallet manufacturer for 15 years, we have lots of manufacturing experience, and also have several experienced sample masters who can help create products that exceed your expectations.
We’ll tell you all about your design and discuss material choices, logo craft, delivery times, packaging details, etc. so that every aspect becomes visible.

Wallet Logo Options


Wallet Material Options

We accept customized wallet materials, such as genuine leather, vegan leather, carbon fiber, canvas, etc. Please contact our sales for further communication.


Packing Options

The default packing is opp bag, if you need to customize gift boxes for the wallet please contact our sales in advance, thank you!


Gift box


Gift box with cloth bag


Drawer box

Gift box + insert card


Before Ordering

  • Customization

    Customized logo (Min. Order: 300 Pieces) Customized packaging (Min. Order: 300 Pieces) Graphic customization (Min. Order: 300 Pieces)

  • Delivery time

    7 days for sample, 15-30 days for mass production.

  • Payment Term

    1. T/T(Telegraphic transfer) 2.L/C 3.WesternUnion 4. Paypal(only for sample)

Making the sample within 7 days

Quick action will help you enjoy benefit early !

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Knowledge base

Genuine Leather VS PU Leather


Most our wallets are made of genuine leather and PU leather, In this paragraph we’ll tell you the difference between them. You can choose the right one for your customized wallets.

What is Genuine leather?


Genuine leather is made from animal skins, which is conceptually different from artificial leather made from chemical fiber materials. For genuine leather, it was divided into full-grain, top-grain, split leather. We usually use full grain leather to make our wallets and handbags.

We also call the parts under full grain two-layer leather, so if you want to wholesale wallets from China, you need to confirm with your wallets manufacturers which kind of genuine leather they will use because of price quite different. 

Genuine Leather Pros:

  • The genuine leather surface has a natural grain and natural shine, and will not die or crack when pressed by hand.
  • Genuine leather is soft to the touch, flexible and malleable.
  • There is a clear distinction between leather with natural grain on the front and fibre touch on the back.
  • Genuine leather with a strong leather scent.
  • Genuine leather is stronger and the natural grain will taste better with time of use.


What is PU leather?

PU leather, or poly urethane leather, PU leather is the skin of the polyurethane component. It is widely used to make luggage, bags,  clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture decoration. It has been increasingly affirmed by the market, the wide range of its application, large number, variety, is the traditional natural leather can not meet. PU leather its quality is also good and bad. Good PU leather is even more expensive than leather price, good shaping effect of the surface shiny!

As the wallet manufacturer, we often use PU leather to manufacture wallets, card holder, money clips, etc.


Genuine Leather Pros:

  • PU leather is cheaper because he is easier to produce
  • PU leather does not absorb water and is easier to clean.
  • PU leather can be made in any color and style.
  • PU leather is light weight.
  • Most PU leathers are environmentally friendly.



Bottom Line

PU leather is artificial. If you like the quality of leather but can’t accept the price of leather, PU leather goods can be a good alternative. If you’re looking for some vegan ingredients or materials that come in a variety of colors, PU would be the right choice.

Luisway - Leading wallet manufacturer in China

Luisway Established in 2004, features a top-notch collection of premium leather goods ranging from wallets, handbags, belts to other leather accessories. In fifteen years, we have grown from a small workshop to a professional wallet manufacturer.

While the company started in 2004, the founder of Luisway has pioneered in the craftsmanship of leather goods for over 20 years. This goes to show how vast our understanding is when it comes to each and every of our leather products-from the body to its most intricate details.

As the leading wallet manufacturer in China, Luisway’s exceptional knowledge and experience with premium leather goods have brought the company’s prestige image to the global leather industry.

Our products are highly competitive in the United States and Europe markets. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Any of your sincere inquires will be highly appreciated and timely replied. Reasonable prices, the best quality, and reliable service are the soul of Luisway. Trust us, we can be your trusted wallet manufacturer and will drive you to the bright future!

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