Oil waxed leather or cowhide leather? Which one is better?

Oil wax leather and cowhide are two widespread materials, especially in the handbag and wallet, they are widely used, I believe many people have bought these two materials bags. Here’s what I’ll tell you about which is better, oil wax leather or cowhide?


Which is better, oil wax skin or cowhide?

The cowhide leather feels better in the hand, and the more you use it, the more flavorful it is. Each takes what they need and each gets what they want.

The cowhide is the skin of the cow, the surface has the original skin characteristics, the cephalic skin is to be distinguished by grade, the best is the full grain skin, followed by the repair skin, followed by the soft skin, the second is the broken skin. There is no difference in the appearance of the facelift of the scalp from the surface and the feel of the second skin from an insider’s perspective. It’s indistinguishable to the layman’s hand.

Oil wax leather are more water-absorbent and change color when water is absorbed. Likewise do not touch the oil, it will leave marks. In short, oil wax leather belongs to discolored leather, encounter water or oil, material discoloration will occur, so please pay attention to the usual use of love and care for her, pay attention to moisture-proof waterproof, oil stains, if the bag slightly scratched, with a soft cloth to repeatedly try to gently rub, can smooth the scratch.

What is oil wax leather?

Oil wax leather is high-end leather that is extremely expensive due to the specificity of the manufacturing process! This is the direct reason why we use this type of leather with a number above F.

Oil wax leather is with the first-class, natural cowhide (poor quality leather, can not do oil wax skin), after dyeing, oiling, waxing after the formation of soft, good elasticity, the tension of the special leather effect of a kind of leather; is a kind of fashion products with antique art effect, is also the world’s major furniture brands of choice material.

There are many kinds of oil wax skin, such as ordinary wax oil wax skin, white mist wax oil wax skin, cationic wax oil wax skin, etc. At present, we use ordinary wax oil wax skin, this kind of oil wax skin has an oil shiny surface effect, as if rubbing a layer of oil wax into the skin surface.

Features of Oil Wax Leather

Characteristic one: Discolouration

Since the surface of the waxed skin is covered with a thin layer of wax, it is easier to leave scratches on the surface, but the scratches will disappear when applied with a cloth or wax. In the usual time to check the oil wax skin can be found, with a hand pull, the skin has a strong and light discoloration effect; this is also the most special point of the oil wax skin.

Characteristic two: good breathability

Unlike cheap leather to cover the leather defects in the surface of the thick coating, selected high-quality cowhide made of oil wax leather without cover, has good breathability, and the leather is smooth, soft and elastic.

Characteristic three: Not susceptible to mildew

The production of oil wax skin will be used to “vacuum drying” process, with mechanical equipment to the skin of the moisture dried, this can ensure that the oil wax skin is not easy to mold, rot, so the oil wax skin water and oil absorption is strong, stick to the water and oil skin surface color will become dark, remember to waterproof oil.

Oil Wax Leather Making Process

Oil wax leather is very demanding on the cowhide, a dozen of the first layer of cowhide only to select one of the highest quality made of oil wax skin. The production process is even more complicated, with 108 processes such as blue skin – dyeing – billet – roller oil – roller wax – effect color – varnish (finished product), and any mistake in any one of them will affect the final color.

The shiny surface effect of oil wax leather is like rubbing a layer of oil wax into the leather surface, hazy, as long as the leather is folded or rubbed, you will see the color of the surface and the base color blend change. It’s more absorbent of water and oil, and the skin color darkens when it sticks to the part after water and oil. It is actually these characteristics of oil wax leather that give it a nostalgic and vicissitudes feel.

The oil waxed dermis will remain intact in its natural state, such as pores, pre-born bovine skin spots and scuff marks. It is this natural color and trace that makes it blend better into the home, natural, subdued and unpretentious.

Bottom Line

Oil wax leather and cowhide leather both good materials for manufacturing handbags and wallets, and oil wax leather is more expensive.If you want to find a handbag manufacturer or wallet manufacturer, here is the best place, as a professional manufacturer, we provide OEM/ODM service, 7 days to make your sample. Contact Now to get the FREE sample!



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